Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Lambs and our yarn

These are Doras twins, Kili and Fili, one boy and one girl. They are Jacob crossed with Border Leister. I think I spelled that wrong! They were born about 4 minutes before this photo. Their mom needed no assistance, but seemed happy enough to have us there to admire her beautiful new babies. Dora almost always has twins, but still manages to give us some great fiber each shearing time. check out her pretty color. To see Dora and her first twin, ask for one of our brochures on the fiber CSA, they have a sweet spot in it.

This is some red merino country spun by Jenn (me) and the girls. One of my favorites, and Great Grandma knitted me a scarf out of it! Coming soon-photo of me in the freezing cold winter with my scarf from GG.


Forget-Me-Not Farm
"Hearts Bottom"
a Jacob ram-lamb

Hello and Welcome to the first fiber CSA in the fingerlakes area! We are pleased to have you visit. This is only the start of a wonderful partnership between the Fiber Farms in our CSA, and the Fingerlakes area and beyond. We will get started with introductions, photos, festival calenders, farm-work/visit opportunities, and of course our farming philosophies in the near future. Look for info daily on our blog!